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Western Sydney EV ready with release of Roadmap Featured

Council fleet vehicle charging at local smart pole in Blacktown, Western Sydney. Council fleet vehicle charging at local smart pole in Blacktown, Western Sydney. Blacktown City Council


Media release, 6 December 2021

Eight Western Sydney councils have joined forces on a regional Western Sydney Electric Vehicle Roadmap which sets ambitious 2030 targets for transitioning the region to electric transport.

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) President, Clr Barry Calvert, said “The Western Sydney EV Roadmap sets the region on a pathway to electrification by transitioning council fleets, implementing charging infrastructure, and identifying opportunities for new investment.

The Western Sydney EV Roadmap outlines the following 2030 targets:

  • At least 50% of council fleets transitioned to EV
  • 100% buses to be zero emissions
  • 50% of all taxis, car shares and ferries to be zero emissions.

Clr Calvert said “It is no secret that Western Sydney is highly car dependent due to a range of demographic and spatial realities. Transport makes up around one third (around 5.8m tonnes) of our region’s total emissions, with passenger vehicles accounting for half of that figure.

“There are significant gains to be achieved by a move to EV, and significant challenges if we fail to do so,” he said.

“Reducing emissions is important for Western Sydney councils. Our region is already feeling the impacts of climate change, and temperatures are rising faster in the West than other areas of the city.

“Not only will a move to EVs reduce the region’s emissions, but it will reduce impacts of pollution, create new economic opportunities, and reduce the likelihood of our communities being locked into old technologies.

“With a global transition to low emissions transport, it is important Western Sydney is ready so we can reap the benefits,” he said.

“We believe it is important for governments to lead by example, and councils will do their utmost to ensure the infrastructure is in place for when communities and businesses make the transition,” said Clr Calvert.

The EV Roadmap is informed by an analysis of the region’s current transport emissions profile, government EV policies, the infrastructure landscape, and barriers and opportunities in the region. “The transition to EV is in line with global and national commitments to reduce emissions, particularly as many car manufacturers are phasing out petrol cars.

“Each council is currently at a different point on their EV transition journey. The EV Roadmap will leverage the power of regional collaboration, and support each council to progress and accelerate internal goals toward zero-emission transport.

“An action plan to implement the EV Roadmap will be developed and will include projects such as regional charging plans, collective purchasing, policy implementation and new funding opportunities,” said Clr Calvert.

Eight councils were involved in the development of the Western Sydney EV Roadmap: Blacktown City Council, Blue Mountains City Council, Cumberland City Council, Fairfield City Council, Hawkesbury City Council, Lithgow City Council, Liverpool City Council and the City of Parramatta City Council.

This Roadmap has been prepared in collaboration with Evenergi (Australia’s leading zero-emission transport advisory business). The Roadmap and the Western Sydney Energy program are assisted by Ironbark Sustainability.

The EV Roadmap was developed as part of the Western Sydney Energy Program, which aims to reduce emissions and boost energy savings for a more sustainable, affordable energy future.


Download the Western Sydney Electric Vehicle Roadmap 2022 - 2030


About the Western Sydney Energy Program

Coordinated by WSROC, the Western Sydney Energy Program is a collaboration between Western Sydney councils that aims to increase opportunities for energy, cost, and emission savings for councils and their communities.

Councils participating in the WSEP include Blacktown City Council, Blue Mountains City Council, Hawkesbury City Council, Lithgow City Council, Liverpool City Council, and the City of Parramatta Council.

To date the Western Sydney Program has slashed the region’s emissions by 338,134t CO2e and reduced energy costs by $20 million.



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