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WSROC President seeks partnerships with Commonwealth, State Governments and Private Industry to ensure a great future for Western and South-Western Sydney Featured

WSROC President Councillor Barry Calvert (right) with Cumberland City Mayor Councillor Lisa Lake WSROC President Councillor Barry Calvert (right) with Cumberland City Mayor Councillor Lisa Lake WSROC

Councillor Barry Calvert, the Deputy Mayor of Hawkesbury City Council, has been returned for a fourth term as President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC). At the recent Annual General meeting, Clr Calvert made it clear that WSROC was about to embark on a whole new journey.

WSROC is the peak body representing councils in Greater Western Sydney, and advocates on key issues of value to Western and South-Western Sydney communities.

Greater Western Sydney includes some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in New South Wales and is one of Australia’s fastest-growing regions with a population expected to surge from its current 2.4 million to 4.1 million in 2041.

“As an organisation, WSROC’s advocacy, projects and partnerships have long produced many, many tangible, positive outcomes for the people of Western Sydney but unfortunately, during the term of the previous NSW Government the governance arrangements of the Western Sydney City Deal were created to deliberately compete with WSROC leading to a lot of wasted energy and expertise as groups worked independently rather than with each other,” said Councillor Calvert.

WSROC Executive 2023“Now that the Minns Government has incorporated the Cities Commission into the Department of Planning, it is time for us to move ahead together and we invite the NSW and Commonwealth governments to partner with WSROC to create solutions to such urgent issues as housing shortages, inadequate public transport provision, energy and waste management, extreme heat in western and south-western Sydney, along with many other pressing economic, environmental and social challenges.

“WSROC is particularly keen to engage with the federal and state governments on creating local jobs in Western Sydney as well as building the necessary supporting social and other infrastructure around transport hubs, too.

“Solving the housing crisis, too, will require the cooperation of all levels of government and the development industry — and local government is ready to play its role in addressing the issue.

“There’s a need for a comprehensive and cooperative approach to addressing the housing crisis in New South Wales, involving all stakeholders.

“Over the last 50 years, WSROC has proved to be one of the most successful — and most acclaimed — organisations in Australia advocating on behalf of local communities,” said Councillor Calvert.

“WSROC has been credited with a host of improvements for the people of Greater Western Sydney in urban planning and management, public transport, roads, infrastructure, economic development, environment, employment, community services and a range of other local government issues.

“Just this year alone, WSROC founded our world-first Greater Sydney Heat Taskforce to build the city’s resilience to heat; embarked on our new Western Sydney Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2022- 2027; started our Future Proofing Residential Development in Western Sydney project; delivered the excellent cross-cultural ‘Moving House’ illegal-dumping prevention campaign, and a host of other award-winning initiatives.

‘We have been working for the people of Western and South-Western Sydney for 50 years and we plan to continue this role for at least another 50 years. I call upon the NSW and Commonwealth Governments and any interested parties to join with us to make Western and South-Western Sydney a very desirable place to live and work as we head towards a population of four million people."

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